The Dutch Rubber Broom is ideal for picking up lint, dust, dirt, and more!
Ideal to remove stains & can be used together with any kind of carpet-washer.
The Steam Mop uses only continuous high temperature steam to clean ceramic floor tiles, vinyl and wood laminate floors..
Strengthen your hair folicles, reduce the dreaded fuzziness and condition you hair like never before with this all new discovery!


Dutch Rubber Broom:Ever wonder how National product spokesman and selling legend Billy Mays got his start? I'll give you a hint.. It rhymes with "Clutch Ubber Vroom"! By backing 100% quality products, Billy earned a living, and by purchasing this broom, you will see why he put his name behind this product.

Stain Remover: Hard to remove stains are now a thing of the past, with this all new Euroshine product. Save time and money by taking advantage of the cleaning power of our stain remover. How does it save you money? Besides throwing out garments that could be treated back to new, imagine how many washing machine loads you won't have to run!

Dutch Steam Mop: This mop not only cleans serface dirt, but uses a high temperature steam to kill 99.9% of bacteria as well. If you have children or are prone to sickness and infection... then this product is a must have.

Moroccan Hair Oils: Known for phenomenal hair treatment benefits, these 100% natural Argan oils from Morocco keep hair smooth and shiny when applied dry and acts as a hair oil treatment when applied wet. We invite you to see all our Morocco Argan Oil products!

Fluppi-Hand Vac: This award winning product is a one of a kind deal. Imagine not having to lug around heavy and cumbersome vacuum cleaners, or not having to angle other bulky hand vacuums into your vehicle. This product is a high powered vacuum that is no bigger than the average hand!