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      Lamb Tagine With Potatoes & Peas 

      The Trifecta Burger

      Honey Mustard Pork Steaks

      Black Pepper Tofu

      Pork Tonksu & Watermelon Salad

      Chicken Fricassee

      Chicken Parmesian

      Skate Schnitzel

      Basil Shrimp Stir Fry

      Penang Fried Rice Noodles

      Beef Shitake & Snow Pea Stir Fry

      Chicken Lo Mein

      Lobster Cantonese

      Fried Trout With Pork Mango Salad

      Korean Beef Bulgogi 

      Fabulous Fried Rice

      Schitzel & Frisee Apple Salad

      Seared Scallops over Hoisin Spinach

      Edamame Burger

      Flank Steak & Mushroom Ragu

      Lemon Rubarb Chicken

      Creole Collards & Crawfish

      Buttered Halibut Steaks and Capers

      Seared Duck & Candied Kumkuats