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2 x King Bamboo Pillows


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Our Pillows are made to conform and cradle your head and neck, relieving most common sleeping problems such as tension and stiffness. Promoting a more comfortable and better night’s sleep. These quality pillows also have a life span of 10 years, they are dust mite resistant and machine washable! We believe our pillows are the most comfortable pillows on the planet! They conform to your head and neck promoting an incredible night of sleep. With your head and neck properly supported this will help to prevent common disorders such as: TMJ, neck stiffness, asthma, snoring, insomnia, and migraines!

Lots of new products come with that ‘new-product’ smell and memory foam is no different. Though memory foam has numerous health benefits, it does have a faint chemical smell. However this smell is not toxic and will disappear after a few days. There are a few tips which can help get rid of the smell even quicker.

1. Increase Air Circulation

Airing out your memory foam mattress can help to remove the smell, you could also increase the air circulation in the room which can speed up the process. One way to improve the air circulation is to open plenty of windows or you could even use a fan to help increase the air circulation in the room. Portable air conditioners can also work well, helping to suck out the smell in the room, but the exhaust hose should always expel the smell outdoors.

2. Try Odor Absorbents

There are a number of odor absorbing products available which work well in absorbing bad odors out of the air. However there are alternative methods, including  placing a bowl of coffee grinds on one side of the bed can help to remove odors from the air. Then a bowl of vinegar is then placed on the other side of the bed. Then place sheets of fabric softener around various locations around the room. Using fabric softener sheets which have the highest scent rating will be better as this will help to mask the smell even more.

3. Use an  Ozonator

You may have access to a special machine known as an ozonator. If you do, the machine can be left running in the room where your memory foam mattress is. The ozonator can quickly dispel the bad odor from the room!

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 in


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