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How They Work:

Euroshine German Shammys are constructed using 100% synthetic rayon material that is extremely absorbent and machine washable. They dry quickly so no worries about the cloth forming bacteria. This non-woven viscose material is what makes the shammy such a versatile cleaning cloth. An air spun process is used to create thousands of micro-pores like a very fine sponge. These tiny pores allow the shammy to suck up an amazing amount of liquid and hold it in. Our shammy will slurp up liquid like a sponge from virtually any surface. Nothing works better than a shammy for absorbing liquid spills….even on carpets. They will soak up liquid all the way down through the padding and to the floor boards. This is especially handy when cleaning up pet stains and spills. Wet or dry, a shammy is always more absorbent than a cotton towel. The unique weave of this material is what really makes the cloth work. High quality materials and German engineering ensure that our shammy are the best available.


Euroshine’s Shammy Cleaning Cloths will not ravel or fray, so they can be cut to fit any size job you have. One of the 20″ x 27″ shammy cloths can be cut down to four cloths of usable size. Once cut, the edges stay intact and will never rip, tear or ravel. Shammys can be used on virtually any surface. This soft material WILL NOT scratch even the finest surfaces. Use with confidence on marble, granite, polished metals, or even your car. You can also use your favorite cleaning products with the shammy. Common household cleaning products will not break down the fibers in the Super Absorbent Shammy, so you can even use bleach (they are color fast) to completely sanitize these towels. This is especially important when using in the kitchen, bathroom, baby’s room, or with pets.

The Euroshine Shammy is machine washable hundreds of times. Just throw them in the wash under a normal wash cycle. We suggest letting them air dry. If necessary, you can put them in the dryer under low or no heat setting. The shammy cloth dries soft and flexible. Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets when washing or drying the shammy as this will hinder the absorbency of the cloth by clogging the pores. The Euroshine Shammy is also lint free. So, it’s perfect for windows, cars, shower stalls and more. They leave a sparkling streak free shine every time, Safe for all finishes! Use them for a dish rag to wash dishes, or they work great for drying dishes too! Dry more dishes in less time when you use the shammy. They are also great for drying pets, clothing and for swimmers to dry off. Use to clean your aquarium or as a bath mat. The possibilities are endless with this amazing cloth! Order Yours Today!!

Where to use Euroshine Shammys:

Your Car – Clean your car, truck, van or SUV. Since the shammy is so absorbent, it holds more cleaning solution than traditional cloths. Use this same absorbency to dry your vehicle faster and easier than ever. Our shammy will never scratch the surface and leaves your car with a streak free, spot free shine!

Your Boat or RV – Camper, Jet Ski, Boat and RV enthusiasts love the Euroshine Shammy. Use it for washing, drying, buffing and polishing. Keep some on the boat for a compact towel for drying off after taking a dip.

Your Kitchen – Stop using paper towels! The shammy works great on all appliances, counter tops, cabinets, in the fridge, for spills on the floor and more. Cut the shammy into a smaller cloth to wash dishes or use the shammy to dry dishes faster and more efficiently than ever. They also work great for underneath your dish drying rack.

Your Bathroom – Use a shammy for cleaning all over your bathroom, They also work great for drying the floor around the shower. Euroshine shammys will make a great bath mat, and you can even use them to dry your hair, wash and dry your face, wipe down mirrors and more. Use a shammy to wipe dry the shower after use and prevent mildew and mold build up.

Your Office – Whether it’s a home office, corporate facility or an industrial factory, the shammy works wonders on cleaning cubicles, desks, computer keyboards, monitors and more.

Your Windows – Yes, the shammy is great for cleaning windows. It’s super absorbency ensures a streak free shine on your windows. Let the sun in and leave the glass clear and clean!

Floors & Carpets – Spills on floors and carpets are no match for the super absorbent Shammy. No more picking soaked paper towel out of the carpet. The shammy will soak up liquid all the way through the carpet down to the floor boards. Just place it over the wet area and press down firmly. Soak up the liquid by patting, not wiping. Once the shammy is full, just wring it out and go right back to the spill to soak up more. For spills on hard floors, just wipe in one direction and soak p the biggest puddles without dripping,

Your Pets – Pets leave messes by the food or water bowl, not to mention other places! The shammy is a great washable and reusable cleaning tool for and dog, cat, bird or other furry, feathered friend. The shammy is especially good for urine and other accidents on carpet and other flooring. Removing the liquid is the best way to prevent a lingering odor.

Aquariums – Shammys are great for cleaning and drying Plexiglas tanks, our shammys will not scratch the surface. Use the cloth for removing algae on the sides of the tank.

Laundry – Lay your hand washables and delicates out on a shammy and cut the drying time in half.

Athletes – The shammy makes a great sports towel. Sports enthusiasts use them to absorb excess perspiration while they work out in the gym. Also to quickly dry off after a shower. Swimmers love these shammy cloths because they are super absorbent, light weight and pack easily in a sports bag, yet big enough to dry you off in a hurry, They even use the shammy as swim towel at the Olympics.

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