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Silk Comforter

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The exquisite comfort and feel of our silk comforters are fit for royalty, only they don’t cost a king’s ransom – in fact, they’re quite economical. In a world filled with technology, chemicals, and pollutants at every turn, it is no wonder that people are turning to Silk Comforters and other natural bedding products. And shouldn’t the bedroom be the one place where we can escape the bombardment of synthetics, to rest cozily and rejuvenate in natural comfort? Try sleeping with a silk comforter, and you’ll agree!

An ancient reference for Oriental Medicine, suggests to us that silk bedding helps to harmonize the body’s energies and blood circulation, soothing and revitalizing the mind and enhancing the immune system. Modern techniques and technologies have made available high quality premium silk comforter and bedding products at fabulous prices!

Our silk comforters are built to last. We do recommend the use of a Duvet Cover with your new Silk Comforter, to help keep it clean and protect against accidental damage. And, by using a Duvet Cover and washing it regularly, you may find – as many do – that you never need to clean the silk comforter inside. Although spot-cleaning with a damp cloth can be done, thorough laundering should be done by a dry cleaner.


Protect your investment with our Duvet Covers.

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Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only


China has a long history of silk culture. As early as five thousand years ago in the Neolithic Age, our ancestors began planting mulberry to raise silkworms. As the silk had many more advantages compared with cotton and linen, it gradually developed to be royal supplies. In ancient society, people used to be distinguished by wearing silk, cotton or linen. The officials were proud of wearing silk brocades, so there was a saying “return to hometown in silk robes”. Before the Tang Dynasty, silk was a luxury most could not attain. While the palace and local  government used to take silk as a reward for meritorious people. As the filament  materials of silk quilts were scarce and the production was complex, only the royal could enjoy it. Silk quilts were only taken as tribute to palace in every Chinese dynasty. Today, silk products are available to you, so that you can enjoy an imperial honor and luxury.


As early as 4,700 years ago in the Neolithic Age, people in China had already mastered the technology of reeling silk cocoons and weaving silk. At present, there are 120,000 sericulrist families in China with mulberry planting area of more than 26,000 acres producing 10,000 tons of cocoons every year.


Our selection experts have a half century’s experience in raising silkworms and selecting cocoons. They choose the finest quality cocoons in accordance with the selection standard of traditional royal tribute, so the cocoons have the high output rate and silk floss has good whiteness and gloss with few pupa crumbs, which lay a solid foundation for the high quality of our silk floss.



Silk is the natural protein fiber from the silkworm. Cocoons shall be cooked in boiling water through pupa killing and peeling during silkworms cocooning and explosion, then raw silk is peeled off. If cocoons are overcooked, silk would be damaged and the floss would not be strong. When cocoons are boiled too rare, the stripping will be affected and silk floss will have raw block. Cocoon cooking process is passed on from generation to generation. Silk floss has a bright color, good flexibility and elasticity.

After the cocoons have been properly boiled, they now have to be peeled. According to legend, the cocoon peeling craft has been passed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation for centuries. Once the cocoons are peeled, the silk floss has to be spread. This is done by hand to maintain superior quality.


Pieces of silk floss at about one square foot are hauled by four people then instantly  become silk nets at more than 2 meters wide, which is really amazing. Thousands of net layers are hauled by four people’s hands. This gives the wadding integrity and resilience. So the silk quilts could keep soft and comfortable for a long time. Its interlaced structure ensures the durability of the silk quilts. It has been a new fashion product that is free unpicking and clapping to be fluffy. A quilt of 2kg needs to be hauled layer by layer over a hundred times and piled up in  interlaced way layer by layer to be the floss wadding.


Weight 14 lbs


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