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      Euro Body Shaper


      The Euro Body Shaper enables not only an athlete or those in need of physical therapy to enjoy the benefits of utilizing vibration. These are wellness benefits that EVERYONE can benefit from! The Euro Body Shaper can enhance metabolic rate, reduce cortisol levels, improve blood circulation, lymphatic flow, increase bone mineral density, and even elevate human growth hormone levels. The Euro Body Shaper can help improve overall well being with little impact on joints and ligaments.


      Reduce unwanted fat deposits around the thighs, waist, and abdomen by vibration massage, therefore tautening the skin and reshaping the entire body. Euro Body Shaper is an effective aid to slimming, as it can stimulate up to 97% of the body’s muscle at a time.  Using the Euro Body Shaper twice a day for 15 minutes is the equivalent of one our in the gym and can burn up to 400 calories. 


      In addition to preventing and breaking down cellulite, The Euro Body Shaper combined with a healthy lifestyle can offer amazing results, effectively making expensive cosmetic surgery a thing of the past. The Euro Body Shaper also aids in lymphatic drainage and helps flush out toxins as well as helping to boost Collagen, which helps strengthen skin, hair, joints, ligaments and even muscles.

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