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      Karliegh Quinata
      A Stress-Free Lifestyle

      Being an athlete, I can relate to the wide variety of aches and pains that intense workouts can put on your body. I also know of the backbreaking labor a lot of individuals put themselves through in the workforce. During the summer, I worked at a summer camp where I and many of my coworkers ended the week completely exhausted and sore from our hard work. Along with summer camp, I went on many runs during the weeks to help build up my endurance for cross country; this only added more to my exhaustion. One of the main things that helped me with the pain and stress was the new machine my family bought, the Euro Body Shaper 2380.

      Euro Body Shaper 2380 can lead to many health benefits. According to the article “Do Vibration Machines Work For Weight Loss” written by Daniel Yetman on the website Healthline, this machine uses vibrating plates to activate your muscles which allows them to loosen up and increase blood flow. Full-body vibrations assist with the following: reduces aches and pains, relieves tension, reduces cellulite, aids in weight loss, and tones muscles.

      This product is very convenient because it allows you to adjust the settings; you have the option to choose between a wobbling or shaking motion and the power behind the vibrational force. Allowing for better storage, this version has a folding feature. The results you can get from using this versatile machine will benefit you in the long run.

      If you are looking to relieve pain and the added stress on your body, then this product is for you. Using this machine on a regular basis will help you lead a stress-free life. This is a product that everyone should have.

      Dr Ellan Duke
      Euro Body Shaper / folding vibration platform

      I LOVE the Euro Body Shaper. I recommend them for all patients who have a stationary job. Sitting is the new smoking and this helps people live better longer. Dr. Ellan Duke