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      MY COOL COMFORt pillow

      The 100% Adjustable pillow

      A Pillow That Adapts to Your Sleeping Style

      Are you ready to discover what revitalizing rest truly feels like? Different sleep styles require different pillow firmness' My Cool Comfort Pillow can be adjusted to fit your body and your sleep style.

      Stomach Sleepers


      Stomach sleepers should use a thin pillow to prevent the neck from tilting in any direction and maintain a neutral spine alignment.

      Back Sleepers


      The ideal pillow for back sleepers promotes spinal alignment rather than arching the neck too far upward or allowing the head to sink in too deeply.

      Side Sleepers


      More people prefer side sleeping than any other sleep position. Side sleepers generally need thicker pillows to fill the space beneath their head and neck.

      Stomach & Back Sleepers


      Combination Stomach & Back sleepers benefit from the flexibility to adjust to a firmness that both provides a little bit of support, but will still allow a comfortable sleep position.

      Back & Side Sleepers


      Combination Back & Side sleepers are able to easily adapt their pillow to provide enough firmness and loft for both positions without having to sacrifice comfort.

      Over 2,130,004+ Units Sold

      Over 2,130,004+ Units Sold

      MY cool Comfort is safe to trust

      we deliver what we promise

      The My Cool Comfort pillow is the result of countless hours of research in innovative pillow technology. Our pillow uses a proprietary Ice Silk technology on one side, that breathes and stays cool all night long. While on the other side, there is an ultra soft and cozy Bamboo fiber material that will keep you warm on those cooler nights. As with anything in life, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach is never a good one, so we've made our pillow 100% adjustable. Just add or remove our breathable, tri-density, memory foam filling until you've reached the perfect level of comfort for you. So no matter which way you sleep, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Soft, medium, firm, or the infinite options in between, you'll never wake up to fluff, fold, or flip EVER AGAIN!

      Soft - Medium Soft

      Lower to medium level firmness perfect for stomach sleepers.

      Medium - Medium Firm

      Perfect for combination sleepers.


      Best for back or side sleepers.

      No matter how you sleep: Side, back, or stomach, our 8 in 1 design pillow works in every position.
      Being 100% adjustable to your perfect comfort level. My cool Comfort brings you the ZZZ's you need no matter which sleep position is your favorite.

      My Cool Comfort Pillow

      Like 8 pillows all in 1!


      • Snoring
      • TMJ
      • Back, Neck And Shoulder Pain
      • Asthma
      • Migraines

      Over 2,130,004+ Units Sold

      Perfect Fit, and Perfect Night’s Sleep

      Designing a pillow that checks every box wasn’t easy. You wanted a pillow that you could wash, customize, and love. We’ve delivered it. My Cool Comfort is the perfect pillow for every sleeper regardless of size, weight, or sleeping style. You shouldn’t have to commit to one pillow, and with My Cool Comfort you get the option to create the pillow of your dreams..

      Plush Memory Foam Filling

      One Size Fits All

      Sleep Cooler

      Spend More Time Asleep



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