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      meet the Ultimate Pillow


      The Ultimate 100% Adjustable pillow

      A Pillow That Adapts

      A Pillow That Adapts to Your Sleeping Style

      By using a removable memory foam filling, we made a pillow that you are able to customize to your own perfect comfort level.

      Stomach Sleepers


      Stomach sleepers should use a thin pillow to prevent the neck from tilting in any direction and maintain a neutral spine alignment.

      Back Sleepers


      The ideal pillow for back sleepers promotes spinal alignment rather than arching the neck too far upward or allowing the head to sink in too deeply.

      Side Sleepers


      More people prefer side sleeping than any other sleep position. Side sleepers generally need thicker pillows to fill the space beneath their head and neck.

      Stomach & Back Sleepers


      Combination Stomach & Back sleepers benefit from the flexibility to adjust to a firmness that both provides a little bit of support, but will still allow a comfortable sleep position.

      Back & Side Sleepers


      Combination Back & Side sleepers are able to easily adapt their pillow to provide enough firmness and loft for both positions without having to sacrifice comfort.

      Over 2,130,004+ Units Sold

      MY cool Comfort is safe to trust

      we deliver what we promise

      The My Cool Comfort pillow is the result of countless hours of research in innovative pillow technology. Our pillow uses a proprietary Ice Silk technology on one side, that breathes and stays cool all night long. While on the other side, there is an ultra soft and cozy Bamboo fiber material that will keep you warm on those cooler nights. As with anything in life, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach is never a good one, so we've made our pillow 100% adjustable. Just add or remove our breathable, tri-density, memory foam filling until you've reached the perfect level of comfort for you. So no matter which way you sleep, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Soft, medium, firm, or the infinite options in between, you'll never wake up to fluff, fold, or flip EVER AGAIN!

      Over 2,130,004+ Units Sold

      My Cool Comfort PillowMy Cool Comfort PillowMy Cool Comfort PillowMy Cool Comfort PillowMy Cool Comfort PillowMy Cool Comfort PillowMy Cool Comfort Pillow
      My Cool Comfort Pillow My Cool Comfort Pillow My Cool Comfort Pillow - euroshineshopMy Cool Comfort Pillow
      My Cool Comfort Pillow My Cool Comfort Pillow My Cool Comfort Pillow - euroshineshopMy Cool Comfort Pillow

      Cool Comfort Pillow 

      1 Pillow Queen $49.991 King Pillow $ 59.992 Queen Pillow $74.992 King Pillow $89.994 Queen Pillows $124.994 King Pillows $149.99

      Over 2,130,004+ Units Sold

      101 night risk free trial

      Care & Details

      Sleep Deeper, and wake up rested with the fully customizable Cool Comfort Pillow. Unzip the outer and inner layer to remove the real memory foam one handful at a time until you reached your desired comfort level. The outer cover is machine washable so your pillows stays clean and your skin stays clear and healthy.

      Shipping and Returns

      Once your pillow arrives you have 101 nights to sleep on it, if you are not satisfied simply call our customer service number at 352-346-1387, we will mail you a shipping label for return and refund you immediately. 

      Materials & Measurements

      My Cool Comfort Pillow is the premier customizable, adjustable, loveable, easy clean machine, washable pillow. Our Real memory foam is unlike regular foam which will not move and mold with your body as you toss and turn through the night, our Ice silk fabric stays cool through the night and our hypoallergenic bamboo stays dry to wick moisture for hot nights and night sweats. Odor does not stick to the fabric leaving you rested and ready for every morning. 

       Measurements & dimensions

      Standard/Queen: 18” x 26” 
      King: 18” x 33” 

      100% Bamboo Side
      100 Ice Silk Gel Side
      Premium Memory Foam Pillow

      Return Policy
      Free returns in the US

      Cool Comfort has a limited "forever" Warranty

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 19 reviews
      Honestly the BEST

      It does not come any better than this cool pillow! since the last 2 years I suffer from hot flashes I wake up in the middle of the night and I throw off all my blankets and then toss and turn, it has been awful! my pillow all night long I wake up in the morning totally exhausted with this cool comfort pillow I stay cool all night long It’s the best invention since sliced bread I wish I found it 2 years ago.

      So much better!

      My husband snores so much that I have not been able to get a full night’s rest in over FIVE YEARS!!! Sometimes I even sleep in the guest room...It is sad. I saw this add on google, I ordered 2(I was a skeptic but I needed and NEED sleep) I am beyond impressed, the results are amazing! No more snoring, and for the first time in years we FINALLY sleep together again in one room. I make sure we take HIS pillow everywhere. I am not a review writer, but this was a miracle in our life, I am so happy.

      Neck pain relief

      I just got my My Cool Comfort pillows last week, I was in a terrible car accident 2 years ago and fractured my C-5 in my neck, I’m grateful to be alive however the pain has never gone away. Since that awful day I have not been able to sleep due to my pain and discomfort. I am always waking up because I can never find the right support for my neck. I am so overwhelmed with the Cool Comfort Pillow, I honestly think it is a blessing from god, I was able to adjust it to fit exactly to my necks comfort level and I for the first time in years sleep all the way through the night. I absolutely love this pillow and I will never leave home without it and I refuse to share my cool comfort pillow or sleep without it again. Thank You so much for being the pillow that keeps every promise you made

      Cool Comfort Fans

      Dear Euroshine- I am writing to thank you for my new purchase of your Cool Comfort Bamboo Pillow. I was at a home show recently and I came by your booth. I remember something that the demonstrator said -"You might have a $15,000 bed (which I do- my parents had bought me a Hastings bed- the best bed in the world), but, he continued, if your pillows suck, you are not sleeping well." And how true that is- because I have not been sleeping well. I didn't realize just how poorly until I noticed the difference between my $80 down pillow with the carcinogenic fixing coated bleached white cover which was the reason I was sneezing and waking up with a headache, and your organic bamboo covered Cool Comfort pillow. As instructed, I pursue pillow in the dryer for 5 minutes, the punched a depression in the center to nestle my head in and proceed to sleep through the night- no tossing and turning, no snoring, no neck stiffness or headache. Just a great night's sleep. As I was leaving the booth, the demonstrator asked if I had children and I realized they haven't been sleeping well and their schoolwork has been suffering. He gave me a discount for 2 more and now the whole family are Cool Comfort fans.

      My family loves these pillows!

      As soon as I received these pillows my Mom took one look and said how wonderful they looked. I originally bought two for myself, but as soon as she used one she kept saying how wonderful it is! She loves how cool it stays all night, and she used to sleep with two pillows and now all she needs is the one.

      It came a little to firm for me personally, but after I adjusted it to my own comfort level by removing some of the filling, it turned out to be the nicest pillow I have. I'm even buying two more pillows for my sister! They're so great.

      Soft - Medium Soft

      Lower to medium level firmness perfect for stomach sleepers.

      Medium - Medium Firm

      Perfect for combination sleepers.


      Best for back or side sleepers.

      No matter how you sleep: Side, back, or stomach, our 8 in 1 design pillow works in every position.
      Being 100% adjustable to your perfect comfort level. My cool Comfort brings you the ZZZ's you need no matter which sleep position is your favorite.

      My Cool Comfort Pillow

      Like 8 pillows all in 1!


      • Snoring
      • TMJ
      • Back, Neck And Shoulder Pain
      • Asthma
      • Migraines

      Over 2,130,004+ Units Sold

      Perfect Fit, and Perfect Night’s Sleep

      Designing a pillow that checks every box wasn’t easy. You wanted a pillow that you could wash, customize, and love. We’ve delivered it. My Cool Comfort is the perfect pillow for every sleeper regardless of size, weight, or sleeping style. You shouldn’t have to commit to one pillow, and with My Cool Comfort you get the option to create the pillow of your dreams..

      Plush Memory Foam Filling

      One Size Fits All

      Sleep Cooler

      Spend More Time Asleep



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