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Benefits of an Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

Benefits of an Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

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Choose the right pillow to help avoid unnecessary pain and get a good night's sleep; don't sacrifice sleep for allergies, and you won't with the right adjustable memory foam pillow.

    For many, this is the main benefit of using a memory foam pillow as it provides constant comfort night after night for a sound sleep. Instead of cotton or down filling, this type of pillow uses memory foam that adjusts to the pressure your head puts on it while you sleep. 

    Memory foam pillows wrap your head and neck for maximum support and relaxation for your upper body while you sleep, however, adjustable pillows are more suitable because they offer many health benefits and also provide perfect upper body posture while you sleep. Standard size pillows are what most people buy, but queen and king size pillows are great choices for covering wide shoulders and providing the extra support needed for large and tall people. 

    For people who change their positions at night, you can easily adjust the height of the pillow to suit your sleeping habits, you can quickly shape the pillow into any shape or loft you like, which is especially good for people who change their positions. Memory foam is used to fill pillows in a variety of ways, including solid pieces of foam molded into specific shapes or shredded pieces of memory foam with a zip closure to remove and add as much filler as you want.

    The gel or infusion coated memory foam pillows provide better temperature control and allow you to sleep comfortably when the heat rises during the summer and winter months, allowing you to find a more comfortable sleeping position with a mask, which can also play a role in sleeping for people who use sleep aids such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) for sleep apnea.

    In fact, this type of pillow has a number of benefits for those looking for more overall support and a better night's sleep. While some of us neglect pillows, a quality pillow can relieve pressure and soothe issues like neck pain. If you are looking for the best head and neck support that suits your needs, the best pillows that you can buy are adjustable memory foam products. 

    The right pillow material (both cover and filler) ensures a more comfortable sleep. You don't need to match the material of your pillow with the mattress material - focus on finding the feeling that makes you most comfortable. No matter how you sleep, everyone to find the right pillow for themselves. It is important to know that different sleeping positions require different types of pillows to keep the head and neck in a neutral position with the spine.

    If your bedtime ritual was to inflate, maneuver, and press the pillow before bed into the desired shape, you can get rid of that with a memory foam pillow that you sleep on for maximum comfort and support. You may not be aware of this, but the pillow you lean on is another important element in creating a bed that feels like an oasis of sleep.

    The tri-density memory foam blend in a My Cool Comfort pillow is soft enough to fit the shape of your head yet supportive enough to keep your neck and back correctly aligned. Some research suggests that memory foam and other pillow materials that provide support and body contour can reduce pain and promote comfortable sleep.

    The cover is quilted with patented cooling fibers and our proprietary stay-cool Ice Silk technology in order to keep you sleeping cool and comfortable all through the night. While the other side of the pillow is a soft and luxurious blend of bamboo fibers to keep you warm and cozy on cool nights.

My Cool Comfort is ideal if you experience problems such as back stiffness, shoulder pain, or neck pain. This is an adjustable pillow that is not orthopedic but made of high-quality materials and allows you to remove the padding for adults and children as well as for sleeping on your side, back or stomach.

My Cool Comfort Pillow

My Cool Comfort Pillow


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